MicroBlading by Owner Gem, Manager Laura & Lead Therapist Becca


Clinics available in our St Ives and St Neots Salons

MicroBlading is a semi permanent treatment that creates a perfect brow that doesn't wash off and that you no longer need to fill in with make up. To create this perfect brow two treatment sessions are required.


Check out our MicroBlading video featured in Muddy Stilettos Blog

(Please be aware that prices have changed since 2017 & free eyebrow wax is no longer available)


Frequently Asked Questions


What is MicroBlading?

MicroBlading originated in Asia and is a technique used to implant pigment under the epidermis using a specially designed handpiece and tiny blade to produce realistic looking thin hair strokes giving the effect of 3D hair. Using this method, you can create many different looks from a natural light finished effect to a thick bold brow. It is an ideal method for filling in missing brow hair.


Does it hurt?

No, we use two types of anaesthetic to numb the area. Obviously all pain thresholds are different therefore some may feel slight discomfort.

How long does it take?

Session one is 1 1/2 hours and session two is an hour. 

How long does it last?

12-18 months 

Why would I choose MicroBlading over Hd Brows?

MicroBlading bridges the gap between High definition brows and tattoo style machine semi permanent brows. It creates a hair stroke effect that you can usually only create through palette or pencil application, however it remains after washing and swimming!


What are the advantages of the manual technique?

This method gives a very natural look.

The procedure is completed faster than with a machine.

Less pain for the client.

Does not look like a tattoo as the hairs are drawn to appear natural.

No machine required.

The treatment cost is less than when using a machine.

Needles can produce very fine hairs.

No bleed of pigment.

Natural gradual fade out.


Consultation & Patch Test (15 minutes)

Required at least 48 hrs prior to 1st Session   


1st Session (1hr 30mins)                      


2nd Session (1hr)

Required 4-12 weeks later                 


Colour Refresh 

Available in the first 12 months after your second session                   


PLEASE NOTE: If you are pregnant or lactating you will be unable to have MicroBlading