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Following the huge success of Dermaforce for the face, Citrus Rooms has now launched the treatment for the body. 

Stretch marks which often appear on the stomach, hips and thighs can be genetic, caused by weight gain or loss and pregnancy.

How can we help?

By using Dermaforce on the body, our experienced therapists can target deeper layers of the skin to promote collagen to tone and tighten key areas. The treatment has effective benefits for mature and white stretch marks.

Using Microneedling (smaller needles) within the treatment as well will puncture the skin creating controlled trauma causing the development of new elastin and collagen to repair these stubborn.


This is a non-invasive treatment meaning no down-time for healing  

Prices start at £50 per session (Minimum of 6 sessions required)

Consultation is required prior to this treatment.

dermaforce body stomach 2.JPG
dermaforce body thigh.JPG
Dermaforce Joe Body.jpg
dermaforce body c-section scar.JPG
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