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Gem trained at Bedford College and has been qualified for 18yrs!

Her career really took off at Adagio and quickly worked her way up to becoming deputy manager and then after having her son Ben, Gemma became their training manager, training all the new girls ready to come onto the shop floor. After 8 years at Adagio and once having her second child, Millie, Gem left to go mobile. 

Gemma's next step was to take over the Beauty department at Molbys. She spent 5 years working side by side with Carmen & Mark and their fabulous girls, but then decided expansion was needed and started looking for her own shop. 

It took a year for Gem to create Citrus Rooms; finding the right unit, creating the branding, theming the salon with all the little touches that hopefully make us different.

Citrus Rooms was born November 2012 in St.Neots, followed 2 years later with our Express Bar in Huntingdon. Our Brow & Lash, Hand & Foot Bar in St Ives launched in Spring of 2016 and in 2017 we merged our Huntingdon Salon with St Ives, enabling us to offer more services to our clients.

Gemma was one of the first Beauty Therapists in the area to train in hd brows and has over 5 years experience specialising in high definition brows, perfecting clients shape and colour and recently expanding her brow expertise by training in MicroBlading and introducing MicroBlading clinics to Citrus Rooms.

Favourite Shellac Colour? 

Tartan Punk

Favourite Dermalogica Product?

Skin Hydrating Mask

If You Were Stranded on a Desert Island What Beauty Product Could You Not Live Without?

HD Palette

What is Your Essential Beauty Treatment?

HD Brows and A Lift

Favourite Food?

Roast Dinners

Favourite Place?

No place like home

Do You Have a Guilty Pleasure?

Girlie movies with a blanket and a cup of tea or a gin & tonic!

What Do You Love About Working at Citrus Rooms?

Striving to make a happy working environment for my team and seeing the business grow. It's a special place thanks to my girls and our lovely clients. They make the harder days worth while.